Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tea Time

Over a week ago, the women's ministry of the Sunday School group we attend held it's annual tea. The purpose of the tea is to kick-off our monthly women's ministry called Women Walking Wisely. I was asked to be the hostess of a table and I have got to admit that I was a bit intimidated. I spoke at one of these teas a few years ago and I remember how absolutely beautiful the tables were decorated.
Here are some pictures of how absolutely beautiful these tables were set.....

I sort of struggled with how plain my setting was going to be was a humbling experience for me but I was reminded that the most important aspect of the day was to be the fellowship. I also thought how I often compare myself to others and focus more on the external rather than the internal and eternal! 

 Here's a little view of my and favorite! My friend Heather mentioned how "Russian" my table looked and I am thankful for that.

Our speaker was Heidi who is a missionary (along with her family) in Ukraine. I had the privilege of hosting her, her two daughters and mom at my table. It was really such a fun day and I'm looking forward to the start of our group at the end of the month.

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Susan said...

They are lovely, but there is a special beauty in simplicity, isn't there Natalie? Your table is (was) beautiful.