Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

1. So thankful that the owner of the vehicle that hit our parked car last week accepted liability! We were a bit scared they wouldn't take responsibility since the driver wasn't registered on their vehicle. Their insurance is also paying for us to have a rental car which is actually a treat since Enterprise upgraded us to a SUV. It's been fun driving a big car around town.

2. I'm also so grateful for Wednesday nights at church. Last night was the big kick-off to all the mid-week meetings at church. I got to attend Every Woman's Grace, the boys started AWANA, and even Jon is going to a ministry for men. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at church last night and even though we got home pretty late it was well worth it. I posted a picture on Facebook of Nathan in his Spark's class and a friend commented how nice it is that the boys get to do some fun activities like that now that we are Stateside.

3. The other day while we were driving Nathan said, "God knows everything that is going to happen! That is AWESOME!". I totally agree with him. It is such a comfort when we place our trust in Him knowing that he controls every event in our lives.

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