Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Unplanned Events of Our Day

On Tuesday the boys had their first class with their school, APS. It's called Teaching Tuesday and they basically go through some sort of unit study. The class goes from 10 - 11:30. We then eat lunch and after lunch head to P.E. or so we thought this was the way our day was going to be like!

A few years ago, a Titus 2 older woman taught me that she always wakes up praying that the Lord would prepare her for the planned and the unplanned events of her day. I too have been trying to pray this way the past few years. On the mission field there were always so many unplanned events so I found that preparing my heart in the morning was helpful. 

Our morning class went as planned. Our lunch time went as planned as well and we met some wonderful new friends too! Unfortunately, on the way out the door to head to P.E., we found out that our car had just been hit by another car. The driver took off. It literally happened as we were stepping out the door. One of the moms actually saw the hit and run car and we all waited to see if the driver would turn around and come back. Thankfully, she had no where else to go once she got up the hill and had to return back our way. Long story short.......we flagged her down, she stopped, and after a while the driver finally gave us her information. She wasn't even the owner of the car and we all thought she possibly could have stolen the car.

The body damage on our car wasn't really so bad and at first I thought we could drive it home but the car was hit so hard it popped the front tire. It wasn't drivable either because the alignment was way off. My steering wheel was at a 45 degree angle as I tried to keep the car straight. 

Five hours later we finally headed home along with our poor car. I really have so much to be thankful for. One of the moms who helped me out used to be a car accident adjuster so she totally took over and properly photographed everything and got all the info I needed from the other driver. I'm also grateful for the time I had to get to know the mom whose home we met in.........she was so hospitable and sweet to allow us to hang out for 4 hours! I'm also thankful because it was a great opportunity to teach the boys that possessions aren't so important after all and that God was in control of all things....even our car getting crashed into. 

It was fitting that yesterday Girl Talk reposted this particular post titled "When Your Day Doesn't Go As Planned". I love what Mrs. Mahaney wrote, "It is hard to remember. But what a difference it made when I called to mind this biblical truth. All these interruptions—they weren’t interruptions after all. They were “sovereign deliveries.”  These “unpleasant things” were God’s perfect plan for my day."

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