Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lombardi Ranch

We joined our homeschool group on a tour of Lombardi Ranch a couple of weeks ago. It was really quite educational and the boys really enjoyed hanging out with the new friends they are making. The last time we visited Lombardi Ranch was almost 10 years ago when Jojo was a wee little baby. We had just received bad news regarding some blood counts and were going to be referred to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to see an oncologist. I remember how scared we were as parents and how sad I was that day. We met my sister and her family there and decided not to share the news with them right then. I do have pictures of that day but not digital pictures......old school prints!

Fast forward almost 10 years and here's Jojo.....
our healthy 10 year old who was getting tired of me taking pictures of him!

Our homeschool group.

The boys had a lot of fun exploring the farm.

There were also lots of photo-ops!

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