Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Countdown - Day 21

Day 21 was a fun day. I finally broke out the gingerbread houses for our activity. We built gingerbread houses last year for our first time and it was such a big hit that we had to do it again this year!

Jon helped with Nathan's house (left) and he did an amazing job.
I told him he's going to get the job of decorating sugar cookies
from now on.......a task I do not like!

After we decorated the housed Jon and I got ready and off we went to his work's Christmas party. We ate at an amazing restaurant in Glendale called Gaucho Village. After that we walked over to the Glendale Center Theatre and enjoyed "A Christmas Carol". I was such a fun evening.

Jon and I actually had one of our first dates at the Glendale Center Theater 14 years ago.

Fun night and without kiddos!

The whole gang.

The carolers.
Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge himself!

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