Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Countdown - Day 6

When we lived in Samara, Friday nights were our special family time. We set up TV trays and ate dinner while watching a movie. I usually made something different and often times made a special dessert. If there was no dessert then there was definitely popcorn.  My friend and teammate, Sharon, would also have a special family night on Fridays except, she got real creative and named hers..."Friday Family Food Film Night" or something like that. Since moving Stateside I've been naming our Friday nights the same! For today's countdown our activity read........"Fa La La La Festive Friday Family Film Night". We watched "The Muppets Christmas Carol" on the ABC Family channel. Of course I am well acquainted with The Christmas Carol but had not seen this rendition yet. We all really enjoyed it. There were so many funny parts and it wasn't really scary at all. I was actually impressed with how well the movie was made.

Tomorrow will have a special activity that the boys have been asking about all week.........they just don't know that it'll happen on day 7.

Today's verses were Luke 1:8-17 continuing the prophecy account of the birth of John the Baptist.

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