Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Descanso Gardens

When Jon and I were first married we lived in the beautiful city of Montrose. Not too far from there is Descanso Gardens; a beautiful place to visit year round. I think I've been there in every season but my favorite is when the tulips are in bloom.

Since it's spring break this week, I thought we'd take a day off on Tuesday and head there. I was hoping the tulips were still in bloom but since it was such a warm winter here in Southern California, the tulips were all gone by mid-March! I was a little bit disappointed but the roses didn't disappoint and made up for the loss of the tulips. The day today was absolutely beautiful and the boys behaved so well!!!

We also got in for free since the third Tuesday of every month admission is free! YAY!

The boys got to ride the train! Don't they looks so happy?

The rose garden is amazing and the second you step into it you are filled with the beautiful fragrances!


Susan said...

I lived in So. Cal. for 40 years however only got to visit Descanso Gardens once as a child with my parents...I remember it was beautiful and remember lots of roses and camellias. Perhaps on a visit back my hubby and I can make a stop there, looks lovely!

Natalie said...

Well Susan, if you do make it back then let me know and I'll meet you at Descanso Gardens!!! :)

Happy Resurrection Sunday by the way!