Monday, July 14, 2014

Celebrating Nathan

Nathan turned 7 on July 1! My little baby is growing up. Our transition from Russia to California hasn't been an easy for him unfortunately. About once a week he cries that he misses Russia. When we ask him what it is that he misses the most he always says his friends. Needless to say it has been a little difficult for him to make some new friends. I think he is a little confused or misguided about what a "friend" means. We are trying to shepherd him through this and as parents we are trying to be wise how we come alongside him.

On his birthday he really wanted a party but wasn't quite sure who he would invite. So, I suggested we have a special time with one of his Sunday school friends. So, on his birthday we picked up his friend and headed to the movie theatre to watch Rio 2. It was really funny and the boys loved it.

Bright flash.......oops!

After the movie we headed to TGI Fridays and had a yummy lunch.

Thankfully both boys had a lot of fun.  I made a collage of Nathan throughout the last few years. He was such a dark baby when he was born! He has changed so much. I especially miss his curly hair days.

Nathan through the years.

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