Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Getty Center

It's Spring Break.......well, it's almost over but we are really enjoying some time off from school! Thankfully this year we were actually able to take our break. We are up to date with all of our curriculum and we'll have all the compulsory attendance dates in by the end of the year.

Tuesday we headed to The Getty Center. I know, I know........why would 2 boys be interested in going to an art museum? Jojo is taking an art class at PSP and I really thought he'd be interested in seeing artwork from the artists he's been studying. The day wasn't entirely a failure and the boys did have fun with the audio tour. The museum gives you an iPod with headphones at the entrance and at select art pieces there is a number you can enter into the iPod to learn more about the art work. It would take a few days to go through the whole museum listening to the audio tour but the boys were "educated" on some artists and paintings.

Nathan enjoyed watching a short documentary on how these type of wooden statues are made.

Rembrandt........this is Jon's favorite painter.

Edgar Degas.........this painting was created with pastels (chalk).

Van Gogh.......this is the museum's prized painting and the most popular. Took a while just to get near it.

Claude of my favorites

The gardens are beautiful.

The boys aren't very cooperative with pictures any more......Nathan refuses to be in most pictures.
The entrance to The Getty Center is free but you do have to pay $15 for parking. They are closed on Mondays so I would suggest that you do not go on a was crazy! Took forever just to be able to park.

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