Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Underwood Farms

Grandma Judy was here recently. Actually, she just left yesterday. While she was here we got out to Underwood Farms which is located only a few minutes from where we now live. It was a cool day which made it more enjoyable to be out picking strawberries.

We also took some pictures since my mother-in-law likes to send out an annual picture with her Christmas card. Since I love taking pictures, I obliged to snap a few.

After picking some strawberries we hung out with some farm animals.

It only costs $3 per person to get into the farm plus paying for whatever you pick. Strawberries were $1.99 a pound. It's extra to ride the rides there and if you want to feed the animals take a lot of quarters!

After dinner that day we enjoyed some strawberries with fruit dip! YUM! The dip was real easy to make: mix 14 oz of marshmallow creme, 1 cream cheese rectangle, and 1 tsp of vanilla. Then just dip your strawberries in!

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