Saturday, August 1, 2015

Minecraft Party

Did you know that Minecraft doesn't give their license for party supplies or decoration? I didn't know that either and I found out two days before Nathan's party. Not only that, Nathan didn't decide on a Minecraft party until 4 days before his party! Fun times!!

Obviously, I could only do so much in regards to decor. Nonetheless, at the end it really doesn't matter how much you decorate a party because little 8 year old boys don't even pay too much attention to these things.

I made a huge Creeper from a green tablecloth and black napkins.

Some outdoor fun with water balloons, water guns, and slip n' slide.

I handmade this Creeper pinata and it was really so fun to make. 

Plus the pinata was so hard to break. At the end we let the kids hit without blindfolds.

Time for cake......we bought an Enderman toy and just put it on top of the cake. 

I just have to post about something funny one of Nathan's friends said about the cake. He exclaimed how he could tell this wasn't a Costco cake because the frosting was so much better!! Hilarious! He told Nathan his mom always buys Costco cakes!!!

Nathan was one happy kid with all his presents!

Good news is his brother will have a party this month and he's thinking he wants a Minecraft party too!!!

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