Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Time = Beach

Some nice man had kites and was teaching the boys how to fly them.

When I was single, my goal every summer was to get the best tan I could! I had big dreams back then, didn't I? Once you have a family though your priorities begin to change a little......ok a lot! Your goals aren't as superficial anymore. This summer I've tried to ensure that we have a relaxing and fun summer and the beach is a big part of it. Now that we are living in Moorpark, the beach is a lot closer. Our first two beach outings were to Zuma Beach with some friends from our PSP. I love Zuma! It was always my beach of choice growing up.

Overcast even in July.

There's one thing about Zuma I don't like though. The rip tide there can be vicious. I remember having to be rescued when I was younger. An experience like that leaves quite a fear and respect for those waves. Last summer Jon was boogie boarding and got caught in a wide and awful rip tide.

He had to get rescued by a life boat.

A few weeks ago I started researching some beaches in Ventura since we are only 25 miles from there. I found one that a ton of people gave high reviews for..........Harbor Cove Beach.

Watching the sailboats.

Since it's a cove there are no waves! Yay! Since there are no waves, it's a family beach. Lots of kids, plus mommies who aren't dressed in tiny bikinis. Across the street from the beach is a visitor center with lots of info. There's also a tower that has some great views of the surrounding harbor and beaches.

There are big rocks on each side of the beach and one of the sides has great tide pools.

The boys spend a lot of time digging in the sand.

Last week Jon joined us for a couple of days!


Denise said...

Thanks for a little virtual trip to the beach, Natalie! Great fun!

Natalie said...

Yesterday we went to a different beach over an hour away and so far it is our favorite one!!!

Susan said...

Love the beaches of California...a couple of months ago we visited Redondo Beach pier for a very nice dinner before leaving California (visiting family)...LAX is only minutes from Redondo Beach.