Tuesday, February 23, 2016

History and Homeschooling: Part 1 Abeka American History

This year I thought I'd give Abeka a try for American History. I have to confess that I have a love hate relationship with this particular curriculum. That's mainly because they require so much! There are 170 lessons and since we homeschool on a 4 day week schedule it can be a bit stressful getting all the lessons in. I have learned to make it work though by doubling up or even skipping certain lessons that require a lot of review for tests. Even though the curriculum has been a bit stressful Josiah has been learning a ton. 

April of last year Josiah was "diagnosed" with Dyslexia. It's been quite a year for us especially since we homeschool I make all the accommodations needed for him to excel. On my part this means a whole lot of reading, writing on  our whiteboard, etc. I'm happy to do it...don't get me wrong. I realize that if he were in public school, even on an IEP, that he would not be getting the help that he can get by me being one on one with him. He is excelling so much more this year and is enjoying school quite a bit.

Josiah for the most part is a visual learner and so this year I've added more books, and even picture books. Jon and I both are reading a lot to him. He has amazing auditory skills and has no problem retaining what we read to him.  He's also enjoying thumbing through some wonderful picture books we get from the library.

Now that we have a homeschool room I am also able to hang things up. One of our favorites is the U.S. map which is hung 10 feet in front of him. He is learning his U.S. Geography simply by having this map to look at all day.

There are also great apps which I utilize almost daily for him. Currently he is learning the State capitals and this app in particular is helping him out quite a bit.

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Susan said...

Very nice! Be sure they know that Alaska IS NOT smaller than Texas, a Texan must have designed that map, lol