Thursday, February 25, 2016

History and Homeschooling: Part 2 Civil War Re-enactment

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Sweet Home Alabama is the one where Melanie goes to the battlefield to find her Confederate father re-enacting a battle from the Civil War. After seeing that movie I always wanted to go to a re-enactment but thought I'd never get a chance since we're not out on the east coast...but guess what? There are Civil War re-enactments here in California! Last weekend there was a small re-enactment real close to where we live at the Strathern Park in Simi Valley .

So since we recently finished studying about the Civil War I thought it would be awesome for History to literally come alive for Jojo. And thankfully, it was an amazing experience for us both.

When we arrived to the park he registered to join the Union and enlisted as a Yankee soldier.

Lincoln is telling the new recruits that they can join him after the battle in the parade to where he'll give the Gettysburg Address.

We also got to watch an artillery demonstration.

The Rebels told us about what it was like to be in the infantry.

Then there was the Gettysburg Battle re-enactment.

Old Glory still standing.

I found the whole day quite emotional actually. I even found myself tearing up a few times. I have so many pictures from the event and interesting facts I learned about the Civil War that I'll have to write another post!

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Susan said...

Natalie, that is so great that you and the boys got to do that! We are blessed here to have many opportunities to "relive" that time. About a mile down the road from us is a memorial to the Canadians and U.S. soldiers that fought and died in the war of 1812, yes I know, another battle for other reasons, but for me it still talks about the battles people gave their lives for in order to preserve the ideals they have for their wives, children and grandchildren down the line. We've also visited Macinack Island (pronounced Mackinaw) and seen some reenactments and explanations of the types of guns and cannons that were used and how it was done. It makes it so much more enjoyable than trying to remember things written about in books, although I love books too, but this really makes it more memorable I think. Great post!