Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Whale Watching

We got to go whale watching at the end of February and it was absolutely fabulous! We went last year in mid-April and we did not see one single whale. Scientists say though because of El Nino the migration patterns of the gray whale and humpback whale have been thrown off a little causing the whales to cross migration paths. There's also more food in the water closer to the shoreline bringing whales closer and closer.
We started off from the Channel Islands Harbor.

It was a gorgeous day in California.
Lots of beautiful sunshine.

Our first encounter were gray whales.... 
in total we saw 5 gray whales.
We then headed off to the Anacapa Islands...
and we happened to see a couple of humpback whales.

We saw a ton of dolphins...i mean a ton!

It was such a lovely day. We were all so amazed by God's beautiful creation. We also saw seals basking in the sun on the Anacapa Islands, a "sunfish", and different varieties of birds. We highly recommend Channel Islands Whale Watching company in Oxnard.

Look who took a day off and joined us!

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