Sunday, April 24, 2016

Homeschool Fair

The annual homeschool fair with our PSP group was earlier this month and the boys did real well! It's one of their favorite activities.

This year Nathan entered the table decorating category...I encouraged him to do it but to put a masculine twist on it. Thankfully he ran with it and I think he did a great job. I simply showed him tables settings on Pinterest and he told me what he wanted to do.

He actually won 1st place!

Josiah wanted to bake this year! I showed him a few of my favorite cookie recipes and he settled on Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints.....he won 1st place. He baked them all by himself even though the experience wasn't without kitchen was a mess afterwards but that's all a part of the fun!

He also entered the hanging art category and got 3rd place for his entry entitled "The Union".

Way to go, Jojo!

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G-Ruth-A said...

I loved the homeschool fair! Super work, Nathan and Josiah!