Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pinterest Project #1- Death Star Pastel Art

Our summer officially began yesterday! YAY! It's still not warm enough to spend all day at the pool and I'm also trying to clean house before my mother-in-law arrives next week so this means the boys have to be creative and play well. But as you can imagine I think that only lasted for about an hour on our first day of summer break.

I have a gazillion pins on Pinterest that I haven't tried yet so I thought this summer we would work our way through several of them...actually 30 of them. That's my goal.

This project is from the blogger Hodgepodge and was pretty easy. She calls for chalk pastel but I don't have any so we used oil pastels which worked real well and I think are probably a lot less messy! I also didn't have black construction paper but I had black poster board so we used that.

The boys enjoyed this project and Nathan even got creative with his spaceship. Jojo didn't want to add a spaceship at all.

You can find the project here : Death Star Pastel Art

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