Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grace To You Tour

Often times I hear how believers came to know Christ through the ministry of Grace to You. It's then that I realize how privileged I am to be sitting under such amazing teaching Sunday after Sunday. Our homeschool group recently had a field trip at Grace to You where we had a special tour of the ministry there. Grace to You is the radio program broadcast daily of John MacArthur's sermons. If you've never heard MacArthur or haven't had a listen to the broadcast you can go here and check it out!

Our first stop was the recording studio where John MacArthur comes in once in a while to record the openings or question and answer times on the radio program. Jojo is on the other side screaming his head off with another student but none of us in the sound proof studio could hear a single thing.

In the mail sorting room...

The picture above was taken in MacArthur's office. He has a real nice office but I don't think he is there very often. His desk is spotless!

The volunteer room which is a huge part of the Grace to You ministry.

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