Thursday, November 3, 2016

Relentless Love

All the way back in September our Sunday school women's group had their annual tea. It was a lovely day of course. Our theme for the tea was "Relentless Love" and our guest speaker was Zondra Scott wife of Stuart Scott. They both co-authored the book, Killing Sin Habits, that we went through on our Monday night study last year.

My friend Angela was the decorator for the event and she did a wonderful job. She is so talented and has a great eye for detail.

Donna is on the left- she's our Sunday school pastor's wife and she has a real love for women's ministries. Zondra is on the right. We were all so blessed by her lesson. They're answering questions here.

Sosi is my co-leader this year. She is a real sweet heart!

So happy that Heather(L) and her husband are in our Sunday school now. Erin(R) lives super close to us and I've really enjoyed getting to know her and her family!

Angela is on the right and I've been so blessed by her friendship.

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