Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Family Pictures

As the boys are getting older they are getting less and less excited about having their pictures taken. Sadly for them they don't really have a choice! Jon and the boys get ample warning about when we'll take our pictures so I give them plenty of time to deal with it!

Picture day came and Jon was feeling super sick so our plan to travel over to the next town for that perfect site was out. Instead we drove less than a mile to a super small park.

Thankfully Jon had a great attitude even though he felt so awful. He sets the tone in our home when he's home, so the boys were also ok with our photo shoot.

I know one day in the future the boys will be so happy I took so many pictures. I love seeing how they change throughout the years.

Overall we got some pretty good shots and were in and out of the park in less than half an hour!

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