Friday, August 3, 2018

My Top 7 Homeschool Supplies

Well summer is slowly coming to an end over here and we are all a little sad. I will slowly begin homeschooling on Monday. Since I entered a photo challenge on Instagram and today's prompt was supplies, I thought I'd blog a long overdue post. Today I'm listing my favorite supplies.

1. Printer/Scanner/Copier
Really not sure I could survive homeschooling without our Epson XP-400. On top of all the forms I have to print out for our homeschool group, there are all the copies I make, documents I scan, and myriads of papers I print out from emails, etc. It's safe to say that I use our printer every single day.

2. Laminator
The day I bought our laminator, is the day I felt like a true homeschooling mama! I use this laminator a ton and if you don't have one I'd wait until the Amazon Prime Black Friday Sale to get one. This one was super cheap!

3. Globe
I plan to use this baby a lot this year! Have you seen this Jimmy Kimmel video about people who couldn't even point out one country on a world map? If you haven't seen it yet head over to the link and watch it. You'll be mortified. I mean, these people couldn't even point out the USA! After watching this video I thought that we just really needed to sharpen our Geography skills.

4. MacBook Pro
What can I say but we use our MacBook a ton! This year both boys will be taking computer classes so I know it will get used a ton by them. Josiah will also be using it to watch his Algebra lessons. In the morning the boys watch CNN 10 News on it to stay updated on currents events. We use it for a myriad of reason.

5. iPad
The latest generation iPad is amazing and I am in love with it. I only got it because I had unused airline miles and since we don't travel anymore, I used the miles to replace my ancient iPad. This year I am using Google Calendar for lesson planning since my favorite homeschooling app is no longer available (tragic news for me...I cried).

6. Notebooks
Don't tell anyone but I may have a notebook addiction! SHHHHHH!!! I already have like 20 unused ones. I use notebooks to write notes for my lessons, Nathan uses a notebook for Spelling, the graph notebooks will be used for Math this year, and well I just like owning notebooks. It's a notebook and journal addiction to be more accurate.

7. 3 - Ring Hole Puncher
Truth be told, I stole this from my husband. It's a real nice one and has replaced the cheapy one I owned. This baby gets used a ton also. I highly suggest investing in a nice one like this!!

I could probably post a bunch more of supplies that I love using but these are my absolute favorites!


Susan said...

Hi Natalie, I’ve seen the Jimmy Kimmel video, not really a Jimmy Kimmel fan so I don’t watch his show but did see that clip and it saddens me that people just aren’t taught these things anymore, and what they do learn is.....well, let’s just saythey could do without much of it. Great post 👍🏼

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