Sunday, May 4, 2008

Out of commission

Our #1 has been sick for 4 days. He seems to have caught the latest bug and maybe what Nathan and I had last week. He has been sleeping in 'til nooon, lying around all day watching cartoons, and only eating from his t.v. tray! What a life. No, but really I feel so sorry for the little guy. He can't seem to shake it. Jon and I keep saying how weird it is for our home to be so quiet. #2 is crawling around everywhere looking for him and when Josiah does make his presence Nathan just stands there leaning against the sofa staring at him. Let's hope Josiah gets better soon, I sure do miss him.


Melissa said...

aww poor guy! hope he gets better soon!
hey can you email me your email address? i want to ask you something via email. my email is crazyaboutgus (at) gmail (dot) com

Julie Lamey said...

I hope "Little Man" is back to his spunky self soon! I always know mine are sick because they actually sit still for 5 minutes or more and become lethargic.

Anonymous said...

Is he better now?

Natalie said...

Hey Christina!

Well, he is just a little better. It is 11:43 a.m. and he is still sleeping! Can you believe it? Victor Z. saw him yesterday and he looked in his ears and Josiah has an ear infection. So.......he is on some medication and hopefully will feel better soon!