Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Countdown

This year we're counting down to Christmas.  Normally we just do a 
paper chain link countdown but I saw this idea on a blog and so I
thought I'd try it out.  It is actually a combination of a few ideas from
several bloggers.  Everyday we get the appropriate number and Jojo 
reads the back of the little card.  On the back there is a special activity
that we get to do for that day!  So far it is working real well.  I haven't 
written all the activities on all the cards because truthfully I haven't been
able to think of 25!!!  A couple of days I plan on just writing that they
will get a little treat.  So, if you have any ideas for a fun activity let me

I had a bunch of scrapbooking stickers and papers that I didn't know
what to do with and lo and behold I've been able to use this them for this
little craft.  I also had some magnet strips leftover from a craft so 
that is how the cards are sticking to the refrigerator!


Mrs. Dan said...

Make cookies
Mail a letter to Grandparents
Make a Happy Birthday Jesus sign
Dance to a Christmas song

Natalie said...

Oooh thanks Adrienne!! I hope you are well!!

Plusheep said...

This is such an adorable idea! :D It's so much more wholesome than it all being about chocolate. So gunna remember this for when I have children! :)

azuremle said...

LOVE, LOVE IT!! Idea: We had fun making "patchwork" Christmas cards yesterday for cousins. The idea was to use leftover squares of wrapping paper but we used Christmas paper I had hanging around. Kids loved arranging all the squares:)