Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation : Day 7

By our seventh day we were all exhausted.  The boys didn't even want to go to the beach or drive anymore.  My cousin suggested we go visit some caverns.  They are called the "Cuevas Del Drach" or the Caverns of the Dragon.  The caverns contains one of the largest underground lakes in the world.  This was the boys first time walking through a cavern and at first they were interested but after a while it got a little boring for them.

My pictures inside the caves aren't that great because you can't
use flash.  At the end of the tour you come upon the lake.  Then 
we all sat down on some benches and some row boats lit up with
white lights came out with a quartet and organ and played
some pieces from Chopin, Bach, and Mozart.  It was beautiful! 
You then had the choice to exit the caverns walking or on a row
boat.  We chose to exit via the row boat!

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