Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grocery Store Souvenir

Look at what I brought home from the grocery store yesterday!

The grocery store workers here in Russia don't bag your groceries, and I'm assuming it's probably this way in most of Europe. When we first moved to Russia we were told to bring your own bags to the grocery store and to quickly begin bagging your groceries or sticking them back into the grocery basket. Whenever I have several items I just put all the items back into the basket and that's what I did yesterday but there was something going on with a customer and a cashier that distracted me. Instead of going to the little table near the exit to bag my groceries, I walked straight out of the store with the grocery basket and straight home. I didn't even realize what I had done until I was walking up the stairs to the elevator of our building. I started laughing hysterically and when I got home I quickly showed Jon what I had done. He  told me to take it back right away but truth is I was so embarrassed about what I did that I fed my family lunch first and then sheepishly returned to the grocery store to return the basket.


Melissa Ruth said...

that is funny. and yep, we bag our own groceries and bring our own bags. i actually prefer it because i can put stuff where i want it!!

Kuypers Family said...

haha, that is so funny Nat!! We bag our own groceries too - at our local supermarket called Pak'n Save - you *pack* your own groceries and *save* money by doing so. Funny how you walked out with the basket though - I did that once at a second-hand shop, walked out with a cake pan I wanted to buy, but realised as soon as I got in the car so went right back in to pay for it!!