Friday, August 31, 2012

Seeds Concert!

One of our highlights this summer was being around for the Plaza Fellowship times after the evening service at church. If you have never heard of Seeds then you are really missing out. The boys love listening to all our Seeds music and the best part is that the lyrics are scripture! So, they are learning Bible verses as they sing along.

I got to see a lot of friends that night but I ran into a couple of friends who I least expected......Gabriela from Alabama and Robin from Mexico. Poor Robin had a terrible eye infection at this time but she was sweet enough to get a picture taken anyway. On the far right is my friend Esther whom I have known since I was a little kid.  It was a great surprise!!!


Melissa Ruth said...

that is so cool to see my SIL!!

Wayne_Leonie Kuypers said...

As, how sweet that you got to see some dear friends! And as for the concert, it sounds great! Hollie listens to Seeds every night when she goes to sleep (thanks to Jen Chou!)

Susan said...

I lived in California many years, there are things that I miss, my mom and daughters still live there, and one of my brothers... but I don't miss the traffic nor the high cost of living. I do miss the beach, though. Love all your pictures! That chocolate dessert looks great too!