Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 34- Chocolate Delight

I did get to do some baking while in California and I tried some recipes from Pinterest that asked for ingredients I can't get in Russia.  I am so behind on the "Pinterest" challenge that I've challenged myself with but I'll catch up with a few things I tried in California.

This recipe is called something else but I like the name a commentator left on the original link of the blog better :). It was pretty easy to make too and tasted delicious! Only problem was that it was huge.....the boys weren't crazy about it so that meant Jon and I had to finish it. Oh well!

                            This is the pecan crust which I loved! It's then followed by a cheesecake layer.

                            After the cheesecake layer comes chocolate pudding, then vanilla pudding,
                                                               and finally whipped cream!

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