Sunday, September 23, 2012


My nephew had to start work mid-day so he took off and then we crossed over into Disneyland where we headed to a few of our favorite rides. The Star Tours ride has gotten a "makeover" and it is so much better! We loved it.

       Jojo has really gotten into "bunny ears" lately! It's impossible to get a pic without him doing it!

 I actually got both boys to go on the Haunted Mansion
ride. This was a first for the both of them. They did
pretty good until the ride broke down in the middle
and we were stuck for quite a while.

We even sat down for a while to watch the parade.


 Can't go to Disneyland without going on
Small World!

After Disneyland we headed back to California
Adventures where my nephew got us on a few
more rides quickly. Then we watched World of was amazing. Once again he was 
able to get us some great seating for that show.
I was craving a funnel cake so we headed back
to Disneyland and sat down for a while while we
I consumed the funnel cake! By the time I got home
with the boys it was past midnight! We were all
exhausted but so happy!

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Melissa Ruth said...

yaaaaaaaay for disneyland!!!! SO happy that you enjoyed your time.