Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving has come and gone but I continue to be thankful. This week's blessings:
1. The snow is here! No matter how strongly I may dislike it, the snow really makes things so pretty. Plus the boys have more options playing outside now. Yes it takes us longer to get ready and dressed, yes it makes a big mess when we come back inside but the boys are happy and that makes me happy. I also have to praise God because the snow came later than it did last year and that is a favorable answer to prayer!

2. I'm also praising God because my friend's son is home from the hospital. Her son (who is also Nathan's Sunday school friend) had a light bulb explode on his face which left him with several burns, and cuts on his face. The main issue though is that he had to have emergency surgery on his eye because his eye also received some damage. Please keep little Roma in your prayers as his vision in that eye has been impaired.

3. I'm really thankful for technology......yes I took advantage of some online Black Friday sales and I got to say I got some great deals for things the boys will need for next year. I'm mainly thankful for the means we have to buy necessities such as clothing, coats, etc.

4. And lastly, the Christmas season is upon us! What a fun time of the year it is. I am taking the boys through a Christmas unit study and each day we focus on a certain aspect of the events before, during, and after Christ's birth. I am excited because we're learning a lot but it's a great way to keep our focus on the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.

     This was yesterday but as I write we continue to get more and more snow and it is all white now!


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Jedidja said...

wish you a very happy Advent period with your boys.