Saturday, April 6, 2013

Armenian Bread

Last week we enjoyed a delicious Armenian dinner at our friends' home. The dinner was served with some delicious bread and I knew I just had to learn how to make it. When I asked my friend for the recipe she said she couldn't really give me a recipe but she could show me. 
Sweet family!

I asked my friend if she would mind showing me and a few other ladies how to make the bread and she was happy to! So, yesterday a few of us got together and we had a lesson in Armenian bread making.

The bread came out great and tasted absolutely delicious. When we were at my friend's home last week, Josiah had about 6 pieces of this bread. He was so happy that I learned how to make it. Before my friend came over I asked Josiah if he wanted to learn how to make the bread and he said no, he just wanted to eat it.  I think I have had my carb intake for the year!

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