Monday, May 6, 2013

What We've Been Up To

It seems like last week we were still getting acclimated plus with all the drama I had with a terrible toothache we sorta laid low. We mainly dealt with me going to the endontist. By Wednesday I felt a bit better so I was able to go to Every Woman's Grace(women's Bible study at our church. That was a real blessing.

We also went to a few of my niece's volleyball matches. She's in Jr. High and plays on the "B" team.

Madison is jersey #1.  Their team has done so well that they've advanced to the playoffs!

Yesterday we headed over to my sister Alex's home to celebrate her husband's birthday but we also combined it and turned it into a Cinco de Mayo celebration. We had a lot of fun plus it was nice to have the whole family together again.

 I love this's so colorful!

 My sister bought these little sombreros and moustaches for all of us to wear.

 The boys having fun with the birthday boy.......uncle Andy.

 A moustache on top of a moustache............

 She also bought bubbles for all the kids to play with.......yes that's Jon blowing bubbles.

Then it was cake time. We were all being silly here and dancing with maracas. Someone in this picture though wasn't too excited!!!

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