Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We've been in California now for 3 weeks! It seems like forever and hard to believe at times.

1. Today I'm thankful because Jojo and Nathan did so well at their dentist appointments. Nathan had a cavity filled and Josiah had sealants put on 4 molars. We are so thankful for our dentist and his staff. They are a real blessing. I was just thinking today that the last time Nathan went to the dentist it was 3 months ago in Samara. Our dentist in Samara had moved so we had to go in a taxi who dropped us off in a maze of buildings and left us to find the building on our own. It was also snowing quite a bit and on the way home I took the wrong bus! Crazy how things have changed.

2. I'm also grateful for the opportunity I am having now to learn patience and trust. Jon continues to search for a job and right now we seem to be in a holding pattern. I was just thinking the other day how sometimes I feel like I am being "observed" by others and how my sinful reactions could negatively affect others. Of course I don't want to be led by what others think but in a way it's a source of accountability for me. Overall I have to say that I have a real peace and I know it's because so many of our friends are praying.

3. I'm also thankful because on Monday I had a wonderful lunch with two dear friends. It was a great time of encouragement and I am so blessed by their friendship!

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