Monday, May 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Last week was a busy week for us. The boys and I restarted school again. Jojo has about 4 weeks left of school so we had to get back on track. Of course the first few days were a bit sluggish but hopefully this week we'll persevere.

I also introduced the boys to the public library! It was a real treat for them.
Jojo even got his very own library card!

On Thursday all of us went to see the dentist and in the afternoon I continued my saga with my tooth and saw the fun! My treatment isn't finished yet and now there may be a chance that I have to get that tooth extracted.

Of course it was Mother's Day weekend.........I hope any mommies reading this had a great Mother's Day! On Saturday I went to a mother and daughter lunch at church put on by the Spanish ministry. It was a real nice time.

Both of my sisters and two of my three nieces also went. I wanted to take more pictures of all of us afterwards but my eldest sister got a call from her husband that his car had been broken into and she needed to help him out.

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Mother's Day at my mom's home. My mom made some Argentine empanadas, my sister made a salad, and I took care of dessert of course.

 Mother's Day weekend was a hot one........temperatures were in the low 100s! I'm hoping the summer won't be this hot otherwise I see a lot of beach days in our future.

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