Monday, August 12, 2013

Approaching the End of Summer

We've had a real enjoyable summer even though it's been a summer of a lot of change!!! A lot has happened in the last 3 1/2 months but by God's grace I think we have learned so much from little trials here and there.

We are slowly plugging into ministry at church, we've found a homeschool group for the boys to be a part of this school year, we've visited some fun places, and we're making things work while we live at my mom's home.

One big goal we had this summer was for Josiah to learn how to swim. Every Saturday for about 10 weeks Jojo attended private swim lessons and lo and behold the kid is swimming! Last summer he was still too scared to stick his head underwater and this summer he is having us count to see how long he can keep his head under! I realize he's a little late in the game in learning how to swim but living overseas and having very limited time stateside made it impossible for him to learn.

Another big goal of course was for Jon to find a job. In 1998 Jon left his career as a certified financial planner (CFP) to attend the Master's Seminary. His main goal for attending was to learn how to correctly study and teach God's Word. After Seminary he really didn't have any plans to go into full time ministry. I guess you can say he took a bit of a rabbit trail and headed into missions. Our desire was to serve where there was a need and at the time there was a need in Novosibirsk,Russia and later in Samara, Russia. I got to say that last summer when he mentioned to me that he was considering to return to being a CFP, I was caught a bit off guard. I thought we would always be in full time ministry. Of course I knew our time as missionaries was coming to an end but I thought maybe he'd find an associates pastor position somewhere........when I was 12 I declared to myself that I would marry a pastor or missionary.......things weren't going according to my plans!

When I think about it though, I did marry a pastor and a missionary. Just because you have a "regular" or "secular" profession doesn't mean that ministry stops. Jon sees financial planning as a ministry in itself. Plus, he desires to continue teaching and serving any possible way he can. It's sort of humorous to see the expressions on people's faces when Jon tells them he's returning to financial planning. The expressions are ones of's probably the same expression I had on my face last year when Jon expressed his desires of returning to financial planning.

I'm thankful to say that I support Jon 100%! I trust him completely with the decisions he is making for our family. Actually, I'm so thankful that I'm not the one making all the's so nice to sit back and let my husband lead.

We have 3 weeks of summer left before we start school again. I see some beach days in the calendar, birthday celebrations, and lots of prepping for our coming school year! If you have some summer days left, I hope you enjoy them. I noticed on Facebook today lots of kids start school this week...lots of new backpacks, new school clothes, new fun!


Susan said...

Summer went by fast!

I love how humble and gracious a wife you are, Natalie...just read a post this morning that you might also enjoy:

also the link that she has on the post for R.L.Dabney's thoughts:

Maybe for some good "end of summer reading"?

Going to Staples to buy single topic notepads for a penny (speaking of "back to school", lol) I can't resist a bargain. :)

Natalie said...

Thanks Susan! I read the first post and I couldn't agree more. Later on, I'll read the second one.

Enjoy those deals! I've scored many great deals on these back to school shopping sales......even some free stuff!! So fun! In Russia there were never deals like this so I am quite thankful for being able to buy stuff so cheap!!!