Monday, August 19, 2013

Island Birthday Party

One of my dearest friends celebrated her birthday last week and her husband and family threw her a little fiesta. It was an Island theme and we had so much fun. I have to say that her husband did an incredible job. My friend and her mother are also super creative.......I do not have one creative gene in my body so I am so thankful for ladies like them and Pinterest!

Since we were also watching Soul Surfer they made this big shark mouth. Before the photo - op the kids threw bean bags into it's mouth and afterwards we had a photo-booth session.

This table was set up with a bunch of sweet snacks for the movie viewing.


Her husband actually made this fruit display!!!

The kids getting ready to view the movie with their snacks and popcorn.

Her brother brought the equipment to set up a huge screen in the backyard with speakers and all. 
It was quite fun viewing the movie under the stars.

My dear friend and her sweet family. As you can see my boys 
have 4 lovely ladies to choose from when they're ready to 
get married.

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